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CNC milling, CNC turning, screw machining

Bach Tool is a high precision machining operation with deep expertise and versatility in turning out parts in a great variety of materials, in quantities from single prototypes to hundreds of thousands. We employ state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning equipment, operated by skilled and seasoned tooling professionals whose focus is always on precision, quality control and attention to detail. 

Quoting projects with Bach Tool Precision opens the door to better efficiencies and insights that can deliver better unit costs in many instances. When working with Bach Tool, our customers know that their projects are being managed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, and adherence to the precise specifications of the parts we create.


Most important, we share a depth of knowledge that our customers count on. We apply the right techniques and processes to meet the specific characteristics of the parts we are producing for each project assigned by every customer.

Rubber forming molds and vibration reduction

Bach Tool has decades-long expertise in creating molds for rubber forming, used in all sorts of applications from vibration reduction technology (VRT) to gaskets for sealing, cushioning and insulating contacts between machined parts. 

We stock our own line of mold bases and materials that enable us to meet our customers' special requirements with responsive turnaround times. Many of our customers are military and aerospace manufacturers seeking our expertise in vibration reduction molds for everything from guidance system components and electronics housings, to hydraulic valve manifold components.

Contact Bach Tool to quote your jobs, and our extensive knowledge of VRT and rubber forming technology will benefit your company from design and materials consultation through every step of production, all with strict adherence to the precise specifications you approve.

All work is produced by skilled and seasoned manufacturing experts whose attention to detail and quality control are your assurance of the highest satisfaction at a reasonable cost.

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